Flash 3D Attack Plane Shooting Action Game [Attack Plane Close Air Support]

Attack Plane Close Air Support is an exciting shooting action game made with Adobe Flash, featuring full 3D flight over battle-field and 3D models of attack aircraft, anti-aircraft tank and attck helicopter.

Instructions[How to Play the Game]

Click on game window to start the game. There are five close air support missions to be accomplished and the aim of each mission is to sweep all enemy vehicles and choppers. Completing a mission make you enable to select the next mission. Start battle by clicking on the blinking mission button.

The control stick of the plane can be operated by the position of the mouse pointer on the window. Three types of armament, a machine gun, air-to-ground missiles(AGMs) and air-to-air missile(AAMs), are available. Click mouse button to fire the machine gun. To fire missile, head plane toward a target, and keep mouse button pressed until the signal of "LOCK ON" appears. And then release the button.

Information about the current mission is displayed on the bottom of the game window. You have to destroy enemy vehicles and choppers as many as displayed in number to complete the mission successfully. When the indicator of "FUEL"(decreases with mileage of the plane) went 0% or "DAMAGE"(increases when enemy bullet hit the plane) were filled up 100%, the mission gets failed.

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