Flash 3D Armored Vehicle Shooting Action Game [Armored Car Field Battle]

Armored Car Field Battle is an exciting shooting action game made with Adobe Flash featuring mouse controled full-directional scroll field and full 3D armored car structure models.

Instructions[How to Play the Game]

Click on the game window to start game. There are five missions to be accomplished and the aim of each mission is to destroy all enemy vehicles. Completing a mission make you enable to select the next mission. Start the battle by clicking on mission button.

Place mouse cursor at a distance from the vehicle on the game window to make the car run toward the direction. Moving cursor near the vehicle, you can rotate the gun barrel only. Click to fire the big gun.

Information about the current mission is displayed on right-bottom corner of the game window. You have to destroy enemy cars as many as displayed in number to complete the mission successfully. When the indicator of "ARMOR"(decreases when enemy bullet hit the vehicle) or "FUEL"(decrease with mileage of the car) have got zero or empty, the mission gets failed.

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