Flash 3D Attack Helicopter Shooting Action Game [Battle Chopper Rescue Mission]

Battle Chopper Rescue Mission is an exciting shooting action game made with Adobe Flash, featuring full 3D attack helicopter and anti-aircraft tank structure models.

Instructions[How to Play the Game]

You are the ace pilot of a battle chopper, and your mission is to save a soldier from the enemy line privately. Click on game window to start the game. Following the short opening movie, you can see the roadmap of the mission. There are five areas to pass through. Click on area button and start the flight.

The control stick of the helicopter can be operated via the position of the mouse cursor on game window. Two types of armament, a machine gun and anti-tank missile, are available. Click mouse button to fire the machine gun. To fire the missile, when a target comes into view, press mouse button and keep it pressed until the signal of "LOCK ON" appears, and then release the button.

When the chopper crashed into a building or the indicator of "DAMAGE"(increases when enemy bullet hit the copter) were filled up 100%, the flight of the area gets failed.

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